Gone worldseeing 2


Sep 20 2018 - Sep 24 2018
6867 km

We had some time left waiting for our friend Elena to visit us in Da Nang, so we decided to spend a few days in Huế, a small tourist city with an old citadel, a river and some nice little parks.

On our way to Huế:

Refreshing sugar cane drinks:

Random temple:

Drinking imported Belgian beer, richer style:

Huế traffic:

This is where we spent a big part of our time in the city, the hotel pool:

Not a single house in this street, that isn’t a hotel:

Perfume river:

More traffic:

Controlled fire:

The citadel at night:

More Huế at night:

Another dragon show:

Fancy hotel breakfast:

More random city shots: