Gone worldseeing 2

Along the coast

Sep 9 2018 - Sep 19 2018
6796 km

From Hanoi, we made our way to the coast.

These are the kind of houses people like to build for themselves here:

cháo gà, rice porridge with chicken:

Very tasteful hotel art:

We spent one day cycling around Tam Cốc, a small tourist village with beautiful rocks among rivers and fields:

Ninh Binh by night:

Enjoying some fresh beer:

One of the many catholic churches along the way, a remnant of the french occupation of Vietnam:

Bún bò Huế, rice noodles topped with a variety of meats:

Bún bò, rice noodles with beef:

We finally made it to the beach again!

Watching the sun rise over the sea and the many shrimp farms, while cycling along the coast in the morning:

Taking some dirt roads through small fishing villages:

Vinh city:

Cơm rang bò, fried rice with beef:

Drinking some fresh beer at the lake, right next to the Huda brewery:

Starting early in the morning again. Right after sunrise, the temperatures are still bearable:

More beach:

More rice noodles. We ordered these by just pointing at things, so we don’t know what the dishes are called:

Fresh coconut water:

Dong Hoi:

Dragon show:

20000 km!