Gone worldseeing 2


Sep 4 2018 - Sep 8 2018
6143 km

A little bit rain on our way to Hanoi:

Almost there:


Hey Lenin!

West Lake:


Nice cabling:

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum:

Our package with goodies from home arrived safely in Hanoi:

Bún chả consists of charcoal grilled pork with rice noodles in a sweet and sour broth, fresh salad and herbs. It is the most popular street food in Hanoi:

Saint Joseph’s cathedral:

Coconut sorbet coffee:


The famous Hanoi fresh beer and grilled pork:

More bún chả!

Grilling bún chả meat:

Random city shots:

Nice market in a small street near the central station:

Rush hour traffic:

Visiting the night market with Michael and Judith. Thanks for getting our package, showing us around and the nice evenings in Hanoi!