Gone worldseeing 2

M-06 highway

Apr 17 2018 - Apr 22 2018
967 km

The last few days, we cycled the M-06 highway from Lviv to Kiev, passing through Rivne and Zhytomyr. At the beginning, the road was more like a normal country road. As we got closer to Kiev, it changed into a real two lane highway, but had a shoulder most of the time, so was quite relaxed to cycle.

Some impressions from the road:

Entering Rivne Oblast:

One hotel we stayed at had some interesting sculptures:

We spent one day exploring Rivne:

The whole town was like a big market where you could buy absolutely everything:

Endless labyrinths of small clothes shops:

Big old indoor market building in the center:

Having some beer and dried anchovis by the river:

Water snakes were also hanging out there:

Moving on: One of the many fishing ponds on our way. Ukrainians seem to really love fishing.

One really cool thing about our new setup: You can easily carry the fully loaded bikes up the stairs into a hotel room:

Having a break:

There were lots of nice swamp areas next to the highway:

One of the many resting areas next to a nature reserve:

Don’t be a pig and leave your trash!

Hmmm, this shortcut is 8km less…

…over a very bumpy road with many hills:

On the other hand, the small town Korostyshiv had a beautiful river:

Another nice fishing pond:

And we met the first other cycle tourist of our trip today: Maksim is doing a tour of Ukraine, currently on his way to visit Chernobyl:

Rocket monument next to the highway:

Cooking some lunch at a rest area:

And last but not least: Cats playing on our bikes!