Gone worldseeing 2


Apr 15 2018 - Apr 16 2018
Poland, Ukraine
459 km

In the morning we left Przemyśl, heading to the ukrainian border. Border procedures took shorter than expected, and soon we were on our way into another country we had never been to before.

Welcome to Ukraine:

One of the many orthodox churches on the way:

All bus stops have fancy mosaic pictures here:

Stopping to buy some groceries in Gorodok:

Arriving in Lviv:

We took the next day off to explore the city. We were really stunned by the beauty of Lviv, there are unbelievably many fascinating old buildings there.

Lviv University:

Lviv State Circus:

Lviv Opera:

They also have a souvenir alley here:

Some general city moods:

In the afternoon, we walked up castle hill, to have a view of the whole city:

Hey little guy!

The view was not the best because of the cloudy weather, but it was still pretty nice:

This looks relevant to our interests, but we are not sure what it means. If someone can translate it, that would be great!

Almost by coincidence, we found the garden of abandoned toys:

And last but not least, a collection of house facades for your viewing pleasure: