Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Fishing in Kassiopi harbour

Spent the whole day fishing in Kassiopi harbour! :)

First we tried our luck with self built bamboo rods. For bait, we tried worms and bread. Beate caught quite a few that way!

While fishing like this, we met Roula, a local shop owner. She had been watching us for some time, and explained the local harbour fishing technique to us. It works by rolling a string with many hooks around a larger piece of bread, then throwing it next to one of the swarms. The whole swarm then tries to eat the bread, and sooner or later one gets caught in the hooks. This was quite effective, and we caught a few more!

Roula and the gang:

Later we cycled to Agios Stephanos in the northwest of the island, where we had found an apartment for the night. Here's the catch of the day:

Dinner is ready!