Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Cycling to Kassiopi

Just a bit of cycling along the small roads at the coast, looking for a nice place to camp for the night.

Julian left us halfway to Kassiopi, because he wanted to get to the mainland of Greece in the next days, while we were taking it very slow on the island :) We cycled together for about a month, and we had a really good time! All the best to you Julian, get home safe! We hope to see you again some time, maybe for cycling up Mont Ventoux, after we finish our world tour :)

Coast view with graveyard:

Kalami bay:

Arriving in Kassiopi harbour:

Buying fishing equipment:

Looking for a place to camp on this small peninsula:

We found a really nice place on top of it, a bit hidden between some bushes. This was the view from our campspot:

Hanging out in the harbour at night, before heading out to our campspot: