Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Soomaa national park

In the morning we had a nice chat with the other two cyclists. They gave us some tips for our route and we got estonian herb liquor as a present from them :)

So instead of going straight to the south, we took a little detour through Soomaa national park!

On the way:

Mmmm, apples:

We arrived at the national park pretty late, but found a nice place at one of the smaller campfire places. Malin, Jens and Christine from Hamburg were already there, eating dinner. We pitched our tent and were promptly offered some fried potatoes with mushrooms and sausages! Yummy!

Afterwards, we built a fishing rod and tried our luck in the small river. Malin was a great help catching worms for fishing :)

No luck today, so we sat at the campfire sharing some stories! We had a really nice evening. Sadly we didn't take any pictures :/ Well, next time, when we meet up in Vietnam :D

On the next day we met the three again, looking for a nice fishing spot :)

We spent the next two days at one of the remote campsites in the park. It had a float in the river, built by students of Tallinn university. It was the perfect place to sit all day and do some fishing :)

The float even had a fireplace!

Playing Bean Boozled on the float! (Vomit flavour is really, really disgusting, trust me!)

Stupid face:

Grilled fish and self made bread! Yummy!

The next day there was so much rain, it was impossible to pack the tent, so we stayed for one more day, hanging out under the little roof of the float, catching more fish :)