Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

On the road again

In the morning, we were surprised that the dog was still there, hanging out at the campfire. He was actually very nice and well behaved, so no worries :) We asked our neighbours if it was their dog and they said no, they were also surprised by him in the night.

The dog was really lost and hungry, so we gave him some food and went to the next house to ask what to do. The nice man living there came with us and took a picture of the dog and said he would post it to the local group. We hope he finds his owner or a good new home quickly.

Goodbye picture with Seungtae, Sughee and our new dog :)

Got everything done in Tallinn. Laptop is fully functioning again with new battery and power supply. Time to hit the road and go south!

Arrived at another RMK campsite in the middle of the woods. Even better than the first one! Benches with a roof, a little pond with fresh water and four apple trees with different varieties of apples ready to eat! :)

Testing our new fishing equipment in the little pond. Thank you Sebastian for giving it to us!! :)

Beate caught a nice fish after about 20 minutes, but it slipped away, so we had sausages for dinner instead :D

Late in the evening, two estonian cyclists also arrived at the campsite. They cycled 120km today, bikepacking through the woods. Nice!