Gone worldseeing 2

Tarnów, Rzesów

Apr 10 2018 - Apr 12 2018
283 km

From Krakow, we made our way to Tarnów:

Sadly we didn’t see much of Tarnów, but we found a very nice campsite and had a barbecue instead:

Jewish cemetery on our way out of Tarnów:

Interesting chapel:

On our way to Rzeszów:

The sun is almost gone, 10 km left to Rzeszów:

Arriving in Rzeszów:

We spent the next day walking through the city, buying sandals and sunscreen (yes, its pretty hot here).

Rzeszów castle:

Sewer cover art:

BMX park:

Wisłok river:

Rainbow bridge:

Market square:

Guitar dude: