Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

The Pamir Highway: Day 8

Today we cycled the remaining 110km to Khorugh. The road was better than the two days before, but it still was pretty hard, especially with the strong headwind that started in the afternoon.

Starting out in the morning:

Rare sighting of the dangerous Pamir panther:

In the afternoon there were sudden, very strong windbursts. When we stopped to take a break by the river, Philipps bike almost fell into the river, but we were able to save it. Beate was not so lucky, her helmet got swallowed by the Panj river. Maybe it is now in Afghanistan? We will never know...

Kids playing football on a river bank:

A more professional football field:

The sun is going down:

When we arrived in Khorug, it was already dark, and we were very exhausted. We found a place to stay in the famous Pamir Lodge, where we met many other cyclists who we already knew from the road. Thomas was also there, and he already bought some beer for us. Cheers!