Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):


Hello Tajikistan!

We had a good time in Iran: Interesting cities, very hospitable people and we got an insight into a very different culture.

Here's the map:

Everything arrived safely:

At the hostel:

Too bad we didn't take a photo on the day when there were over 20 bicycles standing here:

Sadly, Beate got very ill, so we had to stay for a week in Dushanbe, loosing more time of our chinese visa. Seems to be very common here, there were a lot of sick cyclists in the hostel. Luckily, the hostel was a very nice place to get stuck. We met a lot of nice people also travelling around the world. Many of them were cyclists too. The Pamir Highway is one of the most popular cycle routes of the world after all.

After a few days, Beate got better, and we could have a look at the city:

There was actually an Auchan in Dushanbe. So what do you get from a french hypermarket when you're in the middle of Central Asia? Right, baguette and cheese:

On her birthday, Beate got much better, so we were able to celebrate in style: