Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Another day, another mountain

We could have just cycled back to the main road, but we decided that going back was not really an option. Also, there was this intriguing little road, that goes directly up to the mountains, and then over high plains, mostly unpaved of course!

And so it was decided: Up to the mountains!

One last view of Vardzia:

The type of gravel constantly changes:

Non stop amazing views:

More gravel:

You can see the road we took, winding up the mountain, in this picture:

At the top!

The view is also pretty nice from here:

Small village on top of the mountain:

Goose family:

High plains:

These beekeepers invited us for mushrooms, bread and georgian wine at 10 in the morning. Well, we couldn't really say no. At least we managed to refuse the Vodka!

Bikes and bees:

This guy was also hanging out with the beekeepers and came along riding on his horse. He owns a lot of property, including this potato field. He then went on to tell us how drunk he already was.

Cattle by the road:

Josefine, Miriam and Philipp couldn't really stomach the mushrooms, so we took some rest in the shade of these trees:

Afterwards: More high plains cycling on very bad roads:

Back on tarmac! Finally!

Arriving in Ninotsminda in the evening. They had quite a stork population: