Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Goderdzi pass

Right after Khulo, the tarmac road ended, and we were looking at 50km of very bad dirt road over the 2025m high Goderdzi pass.

Alright, let's go!

Reservoir for one of the many hydropower plants:

Many villages have mosques here, this is the muslim part of Georgia:

Random pictures:

Road conditions were sometimes difficult:

Some parts were a bit steep, but most of the road was okay:

More random pictures:

The perfect place for lunch break:

And further up it goes:

Enjoying the view:

Group picture:

The last meters to the top:

We did it!

Village on top of the mountain:

River valley:

Three little calfs:

Pushing the bikes through rivers:

Camping in the woods. Good night!