Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Waiting for visa

On our way to Trabzon we met Jamie from London, who is cycling to Singapore to visit his family. After a quick chat, we decided to cycle together. In the afternoon, he had a flat tyre and it took some time to fix it, but we still made it to Trabzon in the evening. We shared an apartment, and had a nice evening with some beers from a Büfe.

Arriving in Trabzon:

The next day, Jamie left, looking for a new tyre in Rize. Best of luck, it was a pleasure to meet you!

On the same day, we met Thomas again, who was also waiting to collect his Iran visa. He moved into the apartment with us, and we helped him a bit with the paperwork.

Çay & Baklava:

Thomas had planned a bit better then us, and got the reference number early enough not to get stuck waiting too long. He got his visa two days later, and left in direction Batumi. See you soon!

Now we had to wait, to apply for our Iran visa. Nothing much to do but walk around Trabzon catching Pokémon and procrastinate working on the website.

Some impressions from Trabzon:

After many days of waiting, and a few visits to the iranian consulate, we finally got our visa!

Time to celebrate!