Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Going to lake Korission

Today we cycled along the west coast of Corfu to lake Korission. On our way we had lots of hills, small villages and olive plantations.


Shrine in the woods:

Looking down at Agios Gordios:

Very narrow coastal road:

Nice view:

Olive plantation:

Where is the road?

Arriving at the lake. Here the road was still very good :)

The lake is used as a fish farm. through this canal it connects to the open sea:

Crossing the canal:

Lost in sand:

After lots and lots of pushing our bikes through deep sand, we found this beautiful campspot in the middle of nowhere:

The sun is setting:

Patric and Timo went to the next village to buy some food, while we pitched the tents and prepared a fireplace. Later we had pasta and wine at the campfire. Perfect! :)