Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Back to the coast

We cycled back to the coast through the Neretva valley.

There were some stunningly beautiful views of the river. Here's an example:

Tunnel ahead!

Back in Croatia, we took some dirt roads through the countryside on our way to cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina again:

We wanted to cross a small border checkpoint on top of a mountain, so we cycled up:

Almost at the top:

Theres the border checkpoint, woohoo!

"Sorry, only for the local people!" Meh. The view was worth it though:

Going down again:

And up this road again :)

The view is still fantastic:

Up, up, up!

And down to the coast:

There's the other border checkpoint from the distance:

Got through without any problems, they didn't even want to see our passports this time. Here's the missing photo of the "Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina!" sign:

When we arrived in Neum, it was already getting dark and started to rain. We were lucky we decided to book a cheap apartment room for the night. In the moment we arrived there, a huge thunderstorm started and the road turned into a river. Phew!