Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Going to Mielnik

After a late start, we cycled from BiaƂowieza to Mielnik at the Bug river.

Cemetary in the middle of the woods:

On the way we met Mateusz from Tychy. He is doing a tour along the borders of Poland. Here's the obligatory posing picture:

It was already getting dark on the way, and we had to be careful not to accidentally cross the border to Belarus, because we were going very close to it on small roads in the woods!

About ten kilometers before Mielnik, the polish border guards stopped us and checked our papers for a long time, making sure we were not coming from Belarus. It was dark already anyway, and in the end they were super nice, so no problems!

When we arrived in Mielnik it was so dark we could barely see anything, but we still found a nice place at the river to camp. Here are some views in the morning: