Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Białowieski national park

Went through the Białowieski national park today!

Waiting for the super slow train to pass by:

Got a little stuck on extremely sandy roads:

Arriving at the national park:

Took a small trail through the woods. On the left is the state border between Poland and Belarus, on the right theres a bison feeding place. In the winter you have a good chance to spot wild bisons in their natural environment here if you come at dawn!

Graveyard of an old german settlement in the woods:

Rebuilt historic train station of the narrow-gauge railway that was going through these woods:

In the evening we met David from the Canary islands and Jakob from Lublin on the campsite. We had a great time eating dinner and exchanging travelling stories. Thanks guys, hope to see you again some time! :)