Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):

Through the national park to Bialystok

Cycled through the BiebrzaƄski national park today. After that lots of farmland and small villages, and in the end the big city Bialystok.

Swamp in the national park:

Fox on the road:

Another bridge:

Nicely decorated cross. There are a lot of those here!

Virgin mary shrine:

Stopping for lunch in the small town Tykocin:

Finally arriving in Bialystok! Phew it was a long day.

While shopping some food at the supermarket, we met Andrzej and a friend. After a little chat Andrzej invited us to stay at his flat for the night. :) We talked about travelling and art, and watched a lot of movie trailers until we were super tired. Thanks a lot Andrzej, it was superb!!