Gone worldseeing

Actually cycled route (13243 km in 20 countries):


After some more cycling along the highway, we finally reached Riga!

Staying as close as possible to the reception, so we have electricity and wifi inside our tent!! :)

Some views from the campsite:

Sun is shining, time for a day off in the city!

Celebrating 25 years of independence!


Riga has a huge central market, located in old Zeppelin hangars. We spent a lot of time there, looking at all the nice things and buying some food :)

This is what we got from the market: Mushrooms (chanterelles, to be precise), smoked salmon rolled with sesame, fresh baked bread, parsley, coriander, smoked pork, red onion, cottage cheese, tomatos and beer of course! :)

Old town of Riga:

Back to the campsite!

Rainy day in the tent with hot chocolate and watching movies. Staying one more day.